Beaver Homes, Cottages & Garages

Building a new home or cottage has never been easier than with Home Hardware's Beaver Home & Cottage Program.

Miller’s Home Hardware Building Centre is a proud, longtime supporter of the Beaver Home and Cottage program. The Miller's team has been building packages since the 1990’s, and has supplied happy customers with hundreds of packages over the years.

Building a new home, cottage or garage is a daunting process. Whether you are looking into an elaborate custom home, a simple garage package, or anything in between, the Miller’s package design consultants are here to help. Our team is ready to help walk you through the entire process, easing your mind with proper budgeting, planning and then building. We can help navigate the permit process, find contractors, staging deliveries, taking care of all the little nuances of the build process, so you can be left with just the fun parts, like picking window and door styles, colours and much more.

We can use a readily available package plan from the Beaver Home and Cottage catalogue, modify those plans to suit your needs, or even come up with entirely custom plans to best serve your needs and wants in your dream home, cottage or garage.

Ryan Greig, our design consultant, has years of experience not only helping customers design and coordinate these beautiful projects, but he has a multitude of experience building them as a contractor. He is well versed in how to help you through the entire building process.

Come visit Ryan or request a callback using the form below to see how he can help you achieve your dream build, and what great features you can get from Miller’s and the Beaver Home and Cottage program.

From a dream and sketch, until move-in day, we will be with you every step of the way!

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